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Circus Propaganda
The Midnight Circus is a safe haven for those who have abilities that set them apart from the rest of humanity. The show starts at midnight and the illusions are more real than the crowd could ever believe. There is, however, only one rule -- once you join, you cannot leave.

We take any Asian Idols.
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The Cirque is a closed, AU, tumblr, para-based literate role play that goes by KST.

Founder: Puppet Master Lee Hyori

Admins: Junsu | Ari

Mods: Yoochun | Jaejoong

Midnight Circus
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The Midnight Circus. Home of entertainment, bright lights, spectacular feats and drunken revelry. But not all is quite what it seems. Hidden behind the mask of performances is a haven of freaks from all walks of lifes. Shapeshifters, mind readers, and those far more dangerous reside here, seeking refuge from the public eye and whatever hell they’re running from.

But the circus is not all fun and games, an absent Puppetmaster, death, terror coming both from outside and within, this life is not easy.

Welcome to Circus, fellow freak, enjoy your stay, make friends, make lovers, make enemies and embrace who you truly are. But be warned, once you are here, you are here for life.

NS Yoon-G has been requested in the Circus!

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